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If you think that the fruit is simply eating, eating is just
If you think that the fruit is simply eating, eating is just a supplement of vitamin C, then you are wrong, in fact, there is a lot of wonderful fruit in the life.
The best use of fruit 1. with butter instead of eye cream
Every 100 grams of butter contains 30 grams of fat and a large amount of protein, which can supplement the dermis below the eyelid and repair the skin after sunburn. Many stars often use avocado instead of eye cream to moisturize her dry skin. The dried oleic acid in the nut is very close to the skin fatty acid. Instead of the eye cream with the fruit of the butter, it can make the skin surface lipid membrane. Even if you stay up late, you will not easily produce the black eye.
2. use of pomegranate instead of water supplement mask
The greatest effect of fruit acid is to help the dermis absorb water, but after 25 years of age, the composition of the acid in the skin gradually decreases, and it is also necessary to do the mask every week. Pomegranate contains 3 times as much fruit acid as apple and 2.2 times as much as grapes. This is also the reason why the pomegranate juice is the main ingredient of the new generation of beauty products worldwide. Skin experts pointed out that as long as eating 1.5 pomegranates, you can achieve the replenishment effect of the mask. If you squeeze out the pomegranate juice and drop it on the face and wash it in 10 minutes, the skin will become water and soul for second days.
The wonderful use of fruit 3. with grapefruit instead of gum
More than 60% of the tone problem is derived from the stomach heat. The mint component in the gum can only temporarily relieve the residual stomach qi in the mouth, and can not solve the stomach heat problem fundamentally, so the breath effect of the gum is not more than 2 hours. Citral components in grapefruit can effectively reduce the rate of gastric acid secretion, reduce the occurrence of stomach heat, generally, every morning to eat 3, 4 petals of grapefruit, all day you will have a fresh breath!
The wonderful use of fruit 4. with mango instead of shampoo
Mango ketoacid in mango can repair hair. After hot, hair dyed, hair protein loss, hair easily bifurcate, dry, it is better to use mango juice once a week to clean the hair than with the use of repair emulsion. In addition, if you have a busy job and irregular diet, you might as well eat a mango after dinner. Mango can help the body absorb more quality animal protein, and run the protein in hair, let your hair black and bright, everyone envied!
The wonderful use of fruit 5. with strange fruit instead of toothpaste
Brushing your teeth after meals can really keep your breath fresh and make your teeth look more white and shiny. But brushing your teeth too often will damage the enamel on the tooth surface and make a white tooth premature. Except for brushing your teeth sooner or later, you eat a kiwi fruit after every meal. Kiwifruit contains a lot of vitamin C and D. It is called fruit gold mine. It can effectively aggregate calcium in teeth and make your teeth stronger. More importantly, kiwifruit has a certain cleaning effect. After eating kiwi fruit, drinking a glass of water is no more effective than brushing your teeth.
The wonderful use of fruit 6. with lemon instead of weight loss medicine
Daily consumption of 40 grams of pure lemon juice, the body's metabolic rate will increase by 21%, which is no weight loss drugs are difficult to achieve the weight loss effect. Citric acid can effectively promote the running speed of the viscera, improve the digestive function, after a big meal drink a cup of lemon juice, can help you quickly drain the body fat, not to eat and fat. If you don't like the taste of citric acid, it is recommended that you squeeze out the lemon juice, add ice and sugar to the cup, dilute it and drink it again.
The wonderful use of fruit 7. with papaya instead of eye drops
After using the computer for a long time, do you find your eyes dry and dull? First, don't rush to use eye drops. Eye drops can add moisture to eyeball crystals, but long-term use will make eyes dependent. American health experts found papaya in papaya has a good eyesight effect, eating a papaya every day, the eyes will not have crystal water shortage of trouble. In addition, after a long period of work, you can also cut the papaya into slices and apply it to the eyes, which can effectively relieve eye fatigue and reduce the wrinkles around the corner of the eye!
The wonderful use of fruit 8. with cherries instead of Lip Balm
85% of the women love cherry! Cherry is not only sweet and bright, but also has a good lip effect. The iron content in cherries is located at the top of fruit. Iron is the raw material for synthesizing human hemoglobin. It often eats cherries, and your lips can be bright and moist.